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 Hi Reader of SexyAuntyStories. I never thought of writing my real life Experience before visiting this site. I think this is the only site where most of the stories are real life exp. Now my experience. There was a girl in my college her name was Varsha (not real name).

She was very sweet looking used to wear specs some time. She was 5'6 in height nd her basic stats were 36 28 36. She had these huge boobs. I have crush on girls who wear sleeveless shirts or there huge boobs. I'm 5'11 in height athletic body.

I proposed her in my first year and she accepted my proposal. Then we started going for date and started to come closer but initially we only kissed each other nothing more then that. However I just wanted to suck her boobs. I just used to masturbate thinking of her huge boobs.

Finally one day I took her to a garden in Delhi. Once we reached there it was morning 8 o clock in December. You guys can imagine how is the weather in Delhi. It was chilling and foggy there. So we thought to Sit in some lonely place. Finally after 15 minutes we found one place.

While searching for place Varsha was walking with me with hand inside my jacket and mine one hand around her lovely waist. Her boobs were touching my chest and it was just getting to much exciting. Besides there were other couples sitting there smooching,

cuddling each other, taking use of this foggy atmosphere. We also saw one couple who were fucking each other. While the guy was sitting his gf was sitting on his lap and her jeans low and a shawl wrapping them but some part of her thighs was seen by Varsha. She told me this.

While saying that she came very close her sound was suddenly very changed. Once found the place I sat and she came on my lap took out the shawl wrapped it around her gave me a tight hug. Now I can feel her heart beating faster and even she can feel the bulge in my pant.

Which was in no way making her uncomfortable. Infact she was loving it the way she moved her pussy while hugging me. Now I was getting out of control I just started smooching her. I think even she was waiting for this moment only. She just went wild gave me the wildest smooch.

She just bit my lips took my tongue in mouth and started sucking my tongue. I was in no way regaining my composure. I just put my hand on her breast that I never did before and started rubbing it hard. This made her out of control. She started biting my cheeks, ears.

And then she said something in my ear that I never expected. I was pressing her boobs over the sweater. She said Aakash I'm a virgin and I have never exp anything other then kissing you. Will you please everything that u know about sex.

I'm ready to do anything which you will tell me to do. Now this made me just tooo horny. I said are you sure she said yes I will. I asked her to take off the sweater. She took off the sweater. Below she was wearing a shirt. I took her in my lap her mouth near my chest.

I said open the buttons of my shirt nd while was opening the buttons I opened the buttons of her shirt. Wat a view it was her milky boobs were right in front of me. I took my hand behind her shirt and hooked the bra. Now her breath were getting heavier.

So just to tease her, and make it more exciting I asked now you tell me wat should I do. She said nothing and was feeling shy. But to make her more horny I said tell me plz. She said touch them and suck them. I said wat them tell me exactly wat should I do with wat??

She said play with my boobs and suck my boobs. This word made me and her more horny I just removed the bra and started pressing her nipples which was now very tight. I sucked it hungrily and she stated to moan badly.

Without me saying anything she took her hand on my cock started stroking me. I again asked her wat she wants to do with me. She said I want to play with your penis. I asked her how she wants to play she said I want to see it and stroke yr penis.

I just opened my zip took out my penis which is 7" long. It was now very wet. I said do whatever you want to do. She started stroking it. Her hand was now also wet with my pre cum. I asked her to take my penis in hr mouth and eat it like lollipop.

She felt shy but I said common jaanu do it you will like it very much. She got bit down and took my whole penis in her mouth and started giving me the blow job of my life. She took the head and started sucking it. I said take the whole in your mouth.

She did and now started enjoying the session. In the mean time I put my hands on her vagina above her jeans and started rubbing it hard. Now she was sucking me harder. I felt the pressure building up in my penis. I was about to explode.

I said now do it harder and drink all the cum that comes out from my penis. Don't drop anything. She just sucked me harder and I cummed a load in her mouth in which few drops came out of her mouth. She was about to clean it with her hands but I stopped her.

Took my hand on her mouth took the cum in my fingers and inserted it in her mouth. She just sucked it like a hungry woman. I asked how is she feeling. She said I am feeling uneasy in my vagina I said ok take off yr jeans. She opened the button I slid the jeans a bit and her panty too.

Her vagina was fully shaved. I started rubbing my palm over her vagina. Then I put my middle finger inside her vagina she made a loud sound aaaaaaahhhh. I said darling u will enjoy just tell me when my finger reaches inside where u like it the most I will stroke that part of your vagina.

Becoz even I didn't know about the g spot. I inserted my finger more her vagina was fully wet. Suddenly she said yesssss do it here.i started rubbing that part with my finger, and she started sucking my lips more harder. I did it for 3 minutes.

She just burst off my whole palm was filled with her love juice. I started lickingmy own palm wat a amzing feeling that was. Suddenly she said shyly can I drink it too.and took my palm in her hand and started sucking the leftover cum.

She was very satisfied but asked if we can fuck now. But it was not enjoyable too fuck in park. So I said lets go to my place since I live alone in my big bunglow. Rest story I will tell in next part Hope u enjoyed till now.
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